Term 2

Unit 1

Greetings and Introductions

1. Greetings

3. What’s your name?

Unit 3

Where are you from?

1. Where are you from and your nationality?

Particle Party!

It’s time to learn about the particle に (ni). Particles are similar to English words such as – in, at, on, to – and so on. So, what does this particle do? Visit the links below to find out!

Visit the Particles page and ONLY copy out the section on に (ni). You do not need to copy the whole table!

3. Where do you live?


  • Obento Book Pg 53 Obento Quiz (R/W)
  • Complete any unfinished activities in your Obento book.
  • Complete the Online Quiz
  • Compete against your classmates using Language Perfect!