Let’s Celebrate Kodomonohi!

Children’s Day

1. Click on this link to visit the following website and find out about Children’s Day. Then, using this information, answer the questions that follow in your notebook. Remember to write a Title (Kodomo no Hi) for your page and also copy the questions in your notebook before you answer them.

  1. When is Kodomo no Hi celebrated?
  2. What was the celebration traditionally called?
  3. Who is the day for?
  4. Who was this day for originally?
  5. How is it celebrated? What happens?
2. Ask your teacher for a copy of the Children’s Day worksheet and complete it by matching each picture with an information box. Then cut and paste the matches into your notebook under the questions you’ve just completed.
3. Ask your teacher for a copy of the Koinobori template and complete it by:

  1. Colouring the fish brightly.
  2. Cut out and glue on the scales and fins.
  3. Roll the fish and glue one edge to the other.
  4. Glue streamers to the tail.
  5. Write your name on your fish and then give it to your teacher to hang.
4. Read the Kodomonohi song and then copy it into your notebook. Complete the third line of each paragraph in Hiragana. Use the title “Koinobori Song”.

Yane yori takai koinobori
Carp streamers are higher than the roof

Ookii magoi wa otoosan
The biggest carp is the father

Chiisai higoi wa kodomo tachi
The small carp are children

Omoshirosoo ni oyoideru
Enjoying swimming in the sky

Now listen to the song here.

5. Now you can make 2 origami kabuto helmets using the instructions located here. Glue your kabuto onto your page once they’re completed.