Other Activities

Other Cultural Activities

Woodblock Printing (Ukiyo-e)

To learn more about Japanese woodblock printing, play the Prezi located in the previous column.

Design your own Ukiyo-e!
  1. Using an A5 sheet of paper, design your ukiyo-e picture.
  2. Once complete, check your design with your teacher.
  3. Once your design is approved, copy it onto the compressed foam sheet. Be sure to etch your design deep and wide into the foam. This will allow for a nice clear print at the end.
  4. Once you have transferred your design, roll paint gently over the top of the foam.
  5. Take a piece of paper and gently lay it over the foam template. Rub your hand gently over the piece of paper to transfer the paint onto the page.
  6. Gently lift the page off the template to reveal your design!


1. To learn more about Japanese fans, play the Prezi located here. You can also learn more by reading this information sheet. Now watch the following YouTube clips.

2. Answer the following questions in your notebook:

  1. What are the 2 different types of fans?
  2. When did the sensu fan originate?
  3. When are sensu fans used?
  4. What kind of fan is an uchiwa fan?
  5. How are uchiwa fans decorated?

3. Ask your teacher for a copy of the uchiwa template to create your own uchiwa fan.

4. You can also create a sensu fan by using the template here to design your draft. Then, once your teacher has approved your design, you can recreate your design on your sensu fan.