Let’s Celebrate Tanabata!

Star Festival

1. Click on this link to visit the following website and find out about the Tanabata festival. Then, using this information, answer the questions that follow in your notebook. Remember to write a Title (Tanabata) for your page and also copy the questions into your notebook as you answer them.

  1. What is the date for Tanabata?
  2. In which country did the Tanabata legend start?
  3. When did they start celebrating Tanabata in Japan?
  4. What kind of things do they do to celebrate Tanabata in Japan?
  5. What is your wish for Tanabata?
  6. Watch the story of Tanabata here. Pretend your friends have never heard the fairytale. Write the main points of the fairytale in your notebook for your friends to read so that they understand the Tanabata fairytale.
2. Ask your teacher for a sheet of coloured paper and follow these instructions to make your own Tanabata lantern.
3. Ask your teacher for a copy of the Tanzaku template and complete it by:

  • Colouring the tanzaku brightly.
  • Cut the tanzaku out.
  • Write a wish on the back.
  • Write your name on your tanzaku and then give it to your teacher to hang.
4. Read the Tanabata song below and then copy it down (English and romaji) in your notebook. Write each sentence in Hiragana where indicated. Use the title “Tanabata Song“.

Sasa no ha saara sara
Bamboo-grass leaves flowing in the wind

Nokiba ni yureru
Swinging by the edge of the eaves

Ohoshi-sama kira kira
Stars are shining

Kin-gin sunago
Like fine gold and silver sand

Now listen to the song here

5. Now you can make 2 origami stars using the instructions located here. Glue your stars onto your notebook page once they’re completed.