No matter what industry you want to enter into after school, being Asia literate – including study of another language – will give you the edge over your competitors, especially in such a tough economic climate. Watch the video below to hear how being Asia literate and/or bilingual has helped these Australians become successful in their careers.

Check out the links below for more information on why studying a second language is so important and how you can put your skills to use in the future.

  1. MyFuture Asia Skills
  2. How to Find Work Overseas

Don’t forget to visit the University Courses page if you’re interested in pursuing your language study after school. There are some great course options available to students now, allowing you to combine your area of interest with a language qualification also.

And once you finish your degree, you might like to consider working overseas. A great opportunity offered by the Japanese government is the JET Programme. You can find more information on the Programme by visiting the official site.