Part 1 – The Japanese Alphabet

INSTRUCTION: Copy these notes into your notebook.

Part 2 – Time to Write!

INSTRUCTION: Ask your teacher for a copy of the Katakana Workbook and complete it throughout the term. You must show your teacher each completed page in the workbook as you do it. If you lose your workbook, you can print another copy here.

Part 3 – Extra Characters

INSTRUCTION: Listen as your teacher explains what all those other characters are on your Hiragana chart. You will need this information to complete your Katakana Workbook. You can preview the presentation by clicking here.

 Part 4 – Workbook Activities

  • Obento Book Pg 10 Task 14 (R/W)
  • Obento Book Pg 36 Task 2 (R)
  • Obento Book Pg 37 Task 3 (R)

Part 5 – Games & Apps